Seeding for the European Football Cup 2015

Now all 12 participants of the first ever European Football Cup are known we could update the ranking to determine the seeding for the tournament.

Since we know all the participants of the European Football 2015 on the Isle of Man we gathered all matches played recently and recalculated our Ranking on that basis. Thanks to a huge win against Ellan Vannin our member Occitania jumped up in the rankings and now only do have Guernsey in front of them. Panjab and Szekely Land made it to the rankings for the very first time after their debut wins vs. Sealand and Raetia in the end of 2014.

Based on our official ranking the top seed for the European Football Cup 2015 is made up by the teams from Occitania, Padania, County of Nice and Northern Cyprus. Those teams will head the groups.

Being just a single ranking point (or one goal too much against Occitania) behind Northern Cyprus the host team Ellan Vannin will be in Pot 2 alongside with Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and Szekely Land.

One more goal against Raetia in their first ever match would have brought Franconia a better seeding. But as Szekely Land won higher against the same opponent the third and last pot will now be filled by the teams from Franconia, South Ossetia, Sapmi and Romani People.

We saw Ellan Vannin going all the way to the final as an absolute outsider in the 2014 World Football Cup. On the opposite Sapmi as a group head did not make it through the group stage. Whatever the odds say, in the end it only counts what happens on the field.

European Football Cup: Padania 12th Participant

In October we announced 11 participants for the European Football Cup. Now we can announce the 12th and last team: Padania.

Padania ended 5th in the World Football Cup in Sweden and is one of the leading teams outside FIFA. Because of that we’re very happy that we can announce this giant as the 12th participant.

The Europen Football Cup will be played in Douglas, the Isle of Man. The tournament will take place from the 13th till the 21st of June. It will be the first ever European Championship between representative teams outside FIFA.

The 12 teams: Ellan Vannin, County of Nice, Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabakh, South Ossetia, Occitania, Romani People, Franconia, Sapmi, Northern Cyprus, Szekely Land and Padania.