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The Cascadia Association Football Federation (CAFF) represents the Cascadia region of the US and Canada. They are composed of players from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.
The stated ambition of the team: ‘To allow Cascadia as distinct cultural entity, isolated bioregion and growing society with common interests to be represented at the international level in the sport we are all passionate about.’ Cascadia FA has the mission of forming a men’s, women’s and mixed national team. The Cascadia national team is expected to have a high footballing level as Cascadia is known as “the epicenter of US football”. Many professional coaches and players have declared their interest to play for the team. Until today they are still waiting for their first ever international match.

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Tamil Eelam FA



Previous Competitions

Panjab FA - Cascadia 3-3

Cascadia - Western Armenia 4-0

Cascadia - Karpatalya 1-3

Barawa - Cascadia 1-2

Ellan Vannin - Cascadia 4-1

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