About the Tournament

CONIFA is set to host its first ever tournament for disabled football teams when the CONIFA No Limits European Championship takes centre stage in the principality of Monaco from 11th-13th January 2019. The Stade des Moneghetti is the designated stadium for the tournament.

The aim is to get as many of CONIFA’s members to start football teams for disabled people, as well as to build friendships all over the world via playing football.

The No Limits movement was started in April 2017 in Savona, Italy, and saw the first disabled match to be played outside of FIFA, when Padania took on Monaco.



The tournament comes with its own set of rules with teams fielding seven players each, where one can be an able-bodied person. The pitch is half the size of a normal eleven-a-side pitch, and the goals are smaller too. There is no offside rule. There is also an unlimited amount of substitutions, so players can be substituted in and out of games as much as they want.

Press Accreditation

For any press wishing to attend CONIFA’s European No Limits tournament, please e-mail media.europe@conifa.org