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Conifa world ranking 31


The North-East of the Indian Ocean Island of Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka) is the traditional homeland of Eelam Tamils, with Trincomalee serving as the cultural capital of the region.
The 3 million Tamil people constitute a distinct nation, and form a distinct social entity through their rich history, traditions, culture, and language. Tamileelam is home to the Tamils. The Tamil Eelam Football Association (TEFA) was established as a joint venture by Tamil Youth around the world through the Global Tamil Youth League (T-League). While football has been played in Tamil Eelam and the Diaspora for many years, the formation of a national team was only established in 2012. The same year Tamil Eelam participated in its first international tournament, the VIVA World Cup. In 2014 they ended 11th in the CONIFA World Football Cup.

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Tamil Eelam FA

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Sapmi - Tamil Eelam FA -


Tamil Eelam FA - Sapmi 0-8


Tibetan NSA - Tamil Eelam FA -


Sapmi - Tamil Eelam FA 2-0


Székely Land - Tamil Eelam FA 0-1


Tamil Eelam FA - Székely Land 2-2


Tamil Eelam FA - Hmong FF 3-1


Tibetan NSA - Tamil Eelam FA 1-3


Hmong FF - Tamil Eelam FA -


Tamil Eelam FA - Hmong FF 3-0

Tamil Eelam FA - Cascadia 0-6

Tamil Eelam FA - Matabeleland FC 0-1

Tamil Eelam FA - Tuvalu 4-3

Tamil Eelam FA - Abkhazia 0-6

Ellan Vannin - Tamil Eelam FA 2-0

Barawa - Tamil Eelam FA 4-0

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