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Selección de Fútbol Aymara became founded in 2021 and has it´s base in Arica, Chile. The team represents the Aymara people of Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, with a mission to promote the Aymara culture towards the world.
The native language of the Aymaras is Aymara. Many of Aymaras speak Spanish as a second or first language, when it is the predominant language in the areas where they live. The Aymara language has one surviving relative, spoken by a small, isolated group of about 1,000 people far to the north in the mountains inland from Lima in Central Peru (in and around the village of Tupe, Yauyos province, Lima department). This language, whose two varieties are known as Jaqaru and Kawki,[8] is of the same family as Aymara. Some linguists refer to this language as 'Central Aymara.' 'Southern Aymara' is the language spoken most widely and is spoken by people of the Titicaca region Home colors: Blue, Blue, White or Blue Away colors: White or red, Dark blue or red, White or Dark Blue or Red