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August 6, 2014

MIFA: “Very Proud to Organize the 1st European Football Cup”

Proud and happy. That’s how they feel on the Isle of Man, being the hosts of the CONIFA European Football Cup in 2015.

As stated here the 1st European Football Cup will be held on the Isle of Man, from the 13th till the 21th of June 2015. MIFA, the Manx International Football Alliance, is very proud it can organize the tournament:

“It is with tremendous pride that we have been officially informed by CONIFA that the Isle of Man has been chosen as hosts for the CONIFA European Football Cup”, Gary Weightman from MIFA says. “We can assure that the people of the Isle of Man will provide all the competing International Teams, their Management, Supporters, International Media and of course CONIFA itself, with not just a fantastic football tournament but a cultural and heritage experience that will enrich the lives and memories of those in the CONIFA family. All of this is possible due to the the warmth and generous spirit of the Manx Nation.”

“An important aspect and objective of CONIFA World football is the promotion and sharing of Heritage and Culture through sport and this will be of paramount importance in this tournament with detailed information to follow. This is an honour and fantastic opportunity for not just Manx footballers on the Isle of Man who will again meet some exceptional professional players from Europe, but for the people of the Isle of Man to demonstrate their pride and passion for this Island on the International Stage.”


More details on the 1st CONIFA European Football Cup will follow in the coming weeks. On Manx TV you can see a reaction from Malcolm Blackburn, president of MIFA. You can follow MIFA on Facebook and Twitter. They also created a new Twitter-account for the EFC. If you want to get in touch with the organization, you can send an e-mail to Information on the Isle of Man can be found on this website.

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By Robin Toal

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