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June 8, 2019

CONIFA European Football Cup 2019 match officials: Saturday 8 June

Image credit: Brad Merrett

CONIFA would like to express its gratitude to all match officials taking part in the CONIFA European Football Cup 2019. Today’s officials are:

Match: Szekely Land v Sapmi
Referee team: L. Artsakh/CoF/Sweden
Referee: René Jacobi
AR1: Petros Karapetyan
AR2: Sedrak Akobyan
4th Official: Roger Lundbäck

Match: Artsakh v Padania
Referee team: CoF
Referee: Ivan Mrkalj
AR1: André Ahnert
AR2: Julian Schilling
4th Official: Felix Bröker

Match: Chameria v Abkhazia
Referee team: Donetsk
Referee: Dmitri Zhukov
AR1: Vitalii Mazin
AR2: Valerii Kravchenko
4th Official: Aleksandr Demenko

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By Robin Toal

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