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October 15, 2014

MIFA: “Hard to Believe the Journey Started Only Twelve Months Ago”

The 12 participating teams for the 1st European Football Cup are known. A reaction from Malcolm Blackburn, President of the Manx International Football Alliance, and Rudi Schiebel, secretary of CONIFA’s European Committee.

“It is hard to believe that the Ellan Vannin journey started only twelve months ago and that today the International Teams are being announced for the CONIFA Euros 2015 to be held in the Isle of Man”, Malcolm Blackburn says. “I know that the people of the Isle of Man will welcome our guests with open arms and in return we will witness an extremely high standard of football from players who play in some of the top professional leagues of Europe demonstrating a pride and passion to promote their Cultural Identity on an International Stage.”

“I have to acknowledge and thank all the volunteers behind this massive Tournament and not least the Management and Players of Ellan Vannin who by their unbelievable achievement in the World Football Cup in Sweden put the Isle of Man on the world football map.”

Schiebel: “We will show how we developed since Sweden already”

“As the general secretary of the European Board I am already looking forward to next years tournament on the Isle of Man”, Rudu Schiebel says. “At the same time I am very happy of course that my team from Franconia, the Franken-Elf, gets the chance to play for the first time in an international tournament. With the now released list of participants it will surely be very thrilling to see how will go all the way and lift the trophy. Obviously the Franken-Elf is still developing and will not be one of the favorites, but the euophoria towards the European Football Cup is already enourmously here in Franconia.”

“I already want to express my respect towards the organizers on the Isle of Man as it is an outrageous piece of work to set up such a huge event and organize everything in a satisfying way. For that I want to thank especially Malcolm Blackburn for the great work and I wish him all the power he will still need to fit all the needs of everybody involved. By broadcasting the event – through TV and online stream – worldwide it will fantastically promote the Isle of Man and CONIFA and will show how we developed since Sweden already.”

“It will also show everybody how important it is to look beyond the horizon to see all the different cultures of Europe and will play its part in bringing Europe a bit closer together. I am personally looking forward a lot to work hard for CONIFA and the European Football Cup and thus be able to strengthen the European community and eradicate racism! All the teams know that they do have an important place in Europe and within CONIFA no matter if they get 1st or 12th in the end. I wish them all the best!”

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By Robin Toal

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