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June 8, 2014

Countea de Nissa World Champion!

The First World Football Cup was a hughe success. After a thrilling final including a penalty shoot out Countea De Nissa became the first CONIFA World Champion.

Countea de Nissa won the final against Ellan Vannin (5-3). After 90 minutes it was still 0-0.

Arameans Suryoye took the bronze medal after defeating South Ossetia (4-1). Elbaev from South Ossetia became the top scorer of the World Football Cup.


  1. Countea de Nissa
  2. Ellan Vannin
  3. Arameans Suryoye
  4. South Ossetia
  5. Padania
  6. Kurdistan
  7. Occitania
  8. Abkhazia
  9. Nagorno Karabakh
  10. Sapmi
  11. Tamil Eelam
  12. Darfur United
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By Robin Toal

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