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June 9, 2020

CONIFA Appoint New General Manager

Dr. Fabio Puntillo has been confirmed as the new General Manager for CONIFA as the organisation continue to plan for the future.

The CONIFA ExCo is committed to supporting the growth of the whole organisation. With the CONIFA events growing ever bigger, and the increasing number of members, this require more efficient and effective strategies and actions.

Establishing the role of General Manager is part of the answer and brings to the ExCo and CONIFA, a skilled person to professionally manage the business side of the Confederation’s events and activities.

Fabio’s appointment in April as General Manager, global business, of CONIFA, continues his journey with the organisation.

He joined CONIFA in 2018 as Chief Marketing Officer, bringing 25 years of experience in international business development, media convergence, sponsorship and event management with the major sports marketing agencies (IMG and Infont Italy). He has also held roles as senior manager of the UAE FA and business advisor of the Italian FA.

Fabio has been a lecturer in international business management at the University of Rome, worked in North America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, holds an MBA from the University of Southern California and a DBA from the University of Rome.

As he settles into his new role, Fabio’s business agenda includes:

– Supporting CONIFA members’ business development through training and Continental business managers

– Increasing audience 5 to 10 times over the next 2 years through partnerships with local media outlets

– Establishing, in partnership with the FAs, a global sponsors’ club “Companies with Heart”

– Supporting new continental competitions for clubs (the Champions League) – Extending the social mission of CONIFA: new No Limits tournaments and the charity initiative “Boots for Youth” for the wellbeing of disadvantaged people

We wish Fabio well with his new role!

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By Robin Toal

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