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October 20, 2018

“So Everyone Can Play”: the 2019 CONIFA No Limits tournament

CONIFA is set to host its first ever tournament for disabled football teams when the CONIFA No Limits European Championship takes centre stage in the principality of Monaco from 11th-13th January 2019. The Stade des Moneghetti is the designated stadium for the tournament.

The aim is to get as many of CONIFA’s members to start football teams for disabled people, as well as to build friendships all over the world via playing football.


“Contribute to a better world”

“Our catchphrase has been there since CONIFA was born: “So Everyone Can Play”, CONIFA President Per-Anders Blind says.

“As president, I’m very proud that we together make it possible for everyone to play the beautiful game of football and through this, contribute to a better world.”

The No Limits movement was started in April 2017 in Savona, Italy, and saw the first disabled match to be played outside of FIFA, when Padania took on Monaco.

The teams who are looking likely to participate at the time of writing are hosts Monaco, Padania and Artsakh, with further competitors to be announced.


A slightly different set of rules

The tournament comes with its own set of rules with teams fielding seven players each, where one can be an able-bodied person. The pitch is half the size of a normal eleven-a-side pitch, and the goals are smaller too. There is no offside rule. There is also an unlimited amount of substitutions, so players can be substituted in and out of games as much as they want.

CONIFA’s Referee Manager Roger Lundbäck is looking forward to the tournament.

“It’s an absolute pleasure and a big challenge to be a referee in one of CONIFA’s tournaments. It’s really different from other tournaments and I think it’s much better both as a referee and a person because we work together with the teams.

“We stay in the same place and eat in the same restaurants. Outside of the pitch it’s very friendly – but when the game is on, we’re all really serious in our roles… We will help the teams with the rules of the game and hopefully we have the highest respect for each other.”


Want to sponsor the tournament?

CONIFA are looking for sponsors for the 2019 No Limits European Championship. The sponsors will get one pitch-side sign at the stadium, have the opportunity to meet and greet the teams at the opening event, and reward all players and referees at the closing ceremony. The sponsor logo will be displayed in all relevant CONIFA printed material and other displays, like the event page on CONIFA’s website.

Sounds interesting? Send an email to to get in touch and find out more!

For press accreditation or media enquiries, please email


See you all in Monaco!

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By Robin Toal

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