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October 21, 2014

New Asian member: Panjab FA

Again we’re proud to announce a new member: Panjab FA. In total CONIFA counts 24 Football Associations already.

The Panjab Football Association will establish a national team representing the community of Panjab. It will be the first time they’ll play on an international level. At this moment most of the players come from the UK but the Panjab FA wants to grow across the world, in many highly Panjabi populated nations.

Panjab is a geographical region comprising vast territories of northern India and eastern Pakistan. The FA will stage community events both physical and none physical activities to promote the Panjab national team, healthy living, and community cohesion. It will promote and educate the community on the history, culture and changes effecting Panjab of today in the current climate.

You can find more information on their official website:

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By Robin Toal

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