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May 30, 2019

Football streaming platform MyCujoo signs multi-year partnership with the Confederation of Independent Football Nations (CONIFA)

  • CONIFA is the international governing body for non-FIFA affiliated football associations, including Chagos Islands, Rohingya and Northern Cyprus
  • First tournament to fully feature on the MyCujoo platform is the eight-team 2019 CONIFA European Football Cup, taking place 1 – 9 June in Artsakh, a de facto nation in the Caucasus.
  • New deal strengthens MyCujoo’s vision for creating an international football community and builds on the success of recent partnerships signed in US, Brazil and Japan
  • MyCujoo – which provides high-quality broadcast without fees or subscription – is the only site that allows players to claim and share their own highlights on its football communities network

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, May 30, 2019

Football streaming network MyCujoo has announced a multi-year partnership with the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) to stream its tournaments. These include the CONIFA European Football Cup 2019 which kicks off in Artsakh this week, the 2020 CONIFA World Football Cup to be held Somaliland, and the inaugural CONIFA Women’s World Football Cup.

CONIFA is the international governing body for football associations in states, minorities, stateless peoples and regions unaffiliated with FIFA. The partnership – which runs until 2020 – comes after MyCujoo streamed a number of matches of the 2018 CONIFA World Football Cup, held in London. The deal, which is based on a shared revenue agreement, includes exclusive digital media rights to stream the competition (exempt from the host location) and  competition data rights.

The first tournament MyCujoo will broadcast in full is CONIFA European Football Cup 2019, which runs from 1-9 June. This third edition of the tournament takes place in Artsakh, the  Armenian-populated region of Nagorno Karabakh that declared its independence from Azerbaijan unilaterally in 1991. The eight sides competing the tournament are:

  • Artsakh
  • Abkhazia – a de facto nation on the east coast of the Black Sea.
  • Padania –  a region spanning the Po Valley in Northern Italy.
  • Székely Land – an  area in Romania, inhabited mainly by the Szeklers, a subgroup of the Hungarian People from eastern Transylvania.
  • Sapmi – who represent the Sami People that inhabit the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia .
  • Western Armenia – the western part of the Armenian Highlands, a territory nowadays situated in Turkey.
  • Chameria – an area in Greece, inhabited mainly by the Cham, a subgroup of the Albanian People from the region of Epirus.
  • South Ossetia – a de facto nation in the Caucasus..

Amsterdam-based MyCujoo is transforming the football broadcast market by providing rights-holders like CONIFA with top-quality broadcasting technology without fees or subscriptions.

MyCujoo offers viewers anywhere in the world unlimited football content, while enabling players and fans to take an active, creative role in content creation and distribution. Players of all levels are able to tag themselves in recordings,  produce their own highlights reels and share these socially with whomever they choose, creating the largest football community network.

MyCujoo CEO, Pedro Presa, said:

“We like to think that MyCujoo is the natural home for an organisation like CONIFA.  Our vision is to create a network of football players and football fans where everyone belongs – no matter where they are or where the come from. People talk a lot about football being a common language but at MyCujoo, we are doing something about it. We’re building the infrastructure which a community like CONIFA and its members need.”

Sascha Duerköp, General Secretary of CONIFA, said:

‘It’s fantastic news that we are able to work with MyCujoo on this basis going forward. Their support during the 2018 World Football Cup was invaluable and we’re really happy to be taking our partnership into the next tournaments with them. Mycujoo allows everyone to watch football, wherever they are in the world, and that really fits in with CONIFA’s ethos.’

2019 is proving to be a year of exceptional growth for MyCujoo as it continues to expand its unparalleled global football content portfolio. In the last month alone MyCujoo has signed deals in the United States with the National Premier Soccer League and with the CBF in Brazil. The CBF deal includes exclusive, worldwide digital rights for several key Brazilian competitions, including Brasileirão Série D, U23, U20 and U17 league and cup matches, and the Feminino Serie A and B.

This year also has seen multi-year content partnerships with the Oceania Football Confederation, Malaysia Football League and Japan Women’s Football League, and a product evolution focusing on activating the community of football players featured on the platform.

About MyCujoo

Launched in 2014, MyCujoo completely subverts the traditional sports broadcasting model by providing free, state-of-the-art broadcast technology to rights-holders and unlimited content to viewers. MyCujoo’s technology allows live streams to be broadcast from a device as simple as a mobile phone to multiple media including MyCujoo’s platform; a user app for Android and iOS; and embedded streams on rights-holder and third-party platforms.

MyCujoo technology is available at no cost to rights-holders and the content it carries is also free to viewers, removing almost all of the barriers to football clubs who want to share their content, as well as to fans who want to consume it. With users in more than 200 territories across six continents, MyCujoo is the world’s leading football streaming service and is empowering federations, leagues and clubs to live-stream their competitions and matches, as well as enabling the creation of sports communities at a national, regional and hyper-local level.

MyCujoo provides opportunities for the distribution, monetisation, and commercialisation of rights-holders own data and content, and offers the sports world a chance to be valued and appreciated, anywhere and by anyone.


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By Robin Toal

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