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March 27, 2014

First Reactions on the WFC Draw

As the feedback to the World Football Cup draw was amazing, multilingual and comes from all over the world we want to sum up what happens during the first 3 days after and what the teams personally think about their group.

Kurdistan – Safin Kanabe, the Kurdistan FA president:

First of all we are very delighted to be here in this beautiful stadium in the beautiful city of Östersund. We fully respect all teams the same and the results are not based on the draw but the daily form and the lineup, which changes regularly in some teams, of course.

Aramean Suryoye – The president of Aramean Suryoye FA:

You say it is a tough group, but I don’t know. It seems like. It will be tough. We will see which players we can get and what we can achieve. It is interesting and good to be in a good group. We will see if we can give Kurdistan a tough fight. But it is not only them, there are other teams that are really good depending on the players they can get for the World Football Cup.

Tamil Eelam – President Braveen Nagendram of Tamil Eelam FA:

We are very enthusiastic to participate in the CONIFA world cup tournament. We are in the same group with two strong teams, Kurdistan and Aramean Suryoye. Both teams are those which we never met before and we expect a very tough competition in this group. We believe that the best of our abilities can be brought out only when we play against the strong teams. We’d like to thank CONIFA for this great opportunity. We’d also like to send our best wishes to all participating teams.

Sapmi – Hakan Kuorak, the president of FA Sapmi:

I think we have a good draw, it could have been worse. We played Occitania before so we know this team. We do not know Abkhazia, but I think our quality is better than theirs. It is good for us to play in Östersund, but we cannot train here with the squad before the tournament.

Occitania – Boris Massare, the captain of the team Occitania:

I am very satisfied to meet 2 good teams with the host Lapland and Abkhazia. The Sapmi team are the favorite with very good players in their line up but it will be a good test after our win of Tynwald Hill Tournament in the Isle of Man. We dont know how to level Abkhazia but we are looking forward playing against different style of football.

Padania – The president of Padania FA, Ivan Orsi:

We are pleased with the draw in our group, we respect all teams, but for our story, we must not be afraid of no training although we must be careful not to underestimate anyone. Also happy to meet two new formations never before encountered such as Quebec and Darfur.

Darfur United – Gabriel Stauring, the president of i-Act, which organizes the Darfur United team:

The truth is, we’re excited to be in any group. Getting this group of young Darfuri refugees to compete in the world stage is beyond amazing. They have and continue to face tremendous challenges in their daily lives, so competing in a group with Quebec and Padania is a wonderful privilege. We know that Quebec and Padania will be powerful teams, made up of experienced players from countries and communities with vast resources. It will be good for our Darfur United players to face this challenge, learn from it, and take the experience back with them to their refugee camps, so they can build from there. Darfur United will not be intimidated by the quality of the opponents. They will come out and leave everything on the field.

Ellan Vannin – Chris Bass, the coach of Ellan Vannin:

I am honoured to be involved as Manager of Ellan Vannin and know that I have a difficult job ahead when you consider the standard of the two teams in our Group. Zanzibar the African Country are rated 139 in the world which is certainly at a higher standard than majority of our squad have ever experienced. They will be an extremely technically talented team.

Nagorno Karabach are an unknown entity but I am led to believe that majority of their squad will be made up of professional players many of which at club level have competed in the Champions League.I am sure that our lads will do the Isle of Man proud and hope that we can show the likes of Nagorno Karabach when we play Monaco on Sunday 6th April that they shouldn’t under estimate us. It is probably beginning to hit home now how big this whole thing is when you get told that in Nagorno Karabach they are already making plans to watch the live streamed Monaco match in their pubs. I hope they will also see not just the passion of our players but also the supporters at the Bowl who I hope will be our twelfth man.

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By Robin Toal

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