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May 26, 2018

Away Day Neutrals joins the CONIFA family as an official #WFC2018 partner

The Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) is pleased to announce Away Day Neutrals as an official partner of the 2018 Paddy Power World Football Cup.

They told us: “Away Day Neutrals believes football is about more than just the match. After a couple of trips to watch games on the continent we found that the footballing culture of the countries we visited and the friendships we made through the football were just as important as the match. We realised that other people were interested in this too so we set up the site to document our travels. With the costs of watching the EPL spiraling out of control we wanted to show people that trips like ours can be done on a budget – we endeavour to get the flights, tickets and hotel for under £150.

“We have had much more interest in the site than we expected, particularly from the countries where we visit, as the locals are very interested to find out how two “away day neutrals” view their team and their city. We would love others who have done similar trips to contribute trip reports to the site and we already have a few people who have agreed to help out for next season. We’ve also been contacted by a number of people asking for our help to arrange their trips away and hopefully, once August ticks round again, we’ll be in a position to do this in some shape or form.

“When we found out about CONIFA and the 2018 Paddy Power World Football Cup we loved the idea of using football to bring cultures together and thought it was a great match to what we have been doing. We therefore decided to support the event as best we could. We’ve added a dedicated section to the website and are currently preparing short previews of each of the teams competing, adding one or two every few days up until the tournament kicks off. Once it kicks off we will be doing full match reports of the games we attend and would love to post the thoughts of others who have been to the matches. If anyone would like to contribute future trip reports, their thoughts on CONIFA or just want more info on trips, we would love for them to email us at”

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By Robin Toal

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