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November 1, 2022

West Papua vs. TikTok United FC

Monday, 30th October our member West Papua FA faced TikTok United FC in a friendly match in The Hauge, Netherlands. The West Papua FA President says in the interview (Delon Tatem) before the game:

“Our charity match against Tiktok United is dedicated to the West Papua refugees and the West Papuans that are still oppressed in their homeland. Football means to us more than just a fun sport. Through football we try to provide humanitarian aid to the young people of West Papua and the diaspora. Being a refugee in your own country is worse than being a refugee in Europe. In Europe, at least, their well-being is high on the political agenda. In our own country our people have fled into the woods in fear for their lives. Life is hard in the forests due to a shortage of quality crops to survive on. The United Nations does not adequately protect our people, because this is not politically possible and this leads to situations where children have to abandon their language and change their surname to get opportunities in their own country. We also see that children have to survive on the street. This is the fate we don’t wish for any child. We wish for a prosperous future for all and have high hopes that a charity match like this can support the West Papuan refugees in lifting their spirits and providing them with opportunities. “
With the money that is collected from the charity match we will buy books, backpacks and other necessities and send them from the Netherlands to the children in West Papua. In this way we increase the chance of a better future for these children.

The game was honored by the CONIFA General secretary, Jeroen Zandberg and the CONIFA Asia President, Ruby Ann Kagaoan.


CONIFA want to congratulate both teams and the delegates for an great performace and for being role models for a sustainable inclusive world. We hope this charity game collected funds needed to support the children of West Papua. If you missed this opportunity and still want to support the cause, please contact West Papua President Simon at:

How the match ended?  When the referee blew the final whistle, the match ended: 5 -5 (draw)

West Papua will welcome FA Raetia (Switzerland) to the Hague, 13th november in their next fixture.

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