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June 30, 2023

Pakistan Football Association joins CONIFA

We are delighted to announce that the Pakistan Football Association (PFA) is now a fully-certified member of CONIFA. Furthermore, the organization has ratified the newly-constructed Pakistan Football League (PFL) under its international constitutional regulations and competitions charter.

Both the Pakistan Football Association and Pakistan Football League are projects commissioned by the Global Soccer Ventures (GSV) group, a sports management agency committed to developing Pakistan’s footballing infrastructure, and ensuring the country’s most capable players have a suitable platform to demonstrate their talent.

Given the challenges presented by Pakistan’s current footballing landscape, GSV’s noble work will undoubtedly add significant value, and help to shape the country’s future relationship with the sport.

The decision to welcome both the PFA and PFL into the CONIFA fold was taken at the organization’s recent Global Executive Committee meeting on 21st May, following the conclusion of a rigorous accreditation process.

The PFA team – who will compete under the alias ‘Pakistan All-Stars’ – is comprised of the PFL’s most-talented players, with each squad member being registered to one of the league’s franchised clubs. CONIFA will not be involved in the PFL’s commercial operations, but will ensure the league complies to appropriate international standards of competition, and stays true to the principles set out in GSV’s initial membership application.

It also gives us great pleasure to confirm that the Pakistan Football Association (Pakistan All-Stars) will compete at the inaugural Asia Cup, which will take place this August in Alcochete, Portugal. Further details regarding the tournament will be disclosed imminently.

Welcome to CONIFA, Pakistan Football Association!

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