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December 31, 2023

Open volunteer positions 2024


CONIFA is a Non-Profit Organization, registered in Sweden. The organization is operated by volunteers from all over the world, with a purpose to contribute to a better world by promoting peace, humanity, friendship and inclusion through Football and Culture. CONIFA was founded in 2013 and celebrates its 10th Anniversary last year. CONIFA´s position has become a complementary role in the world and we provide a global platform of opportunities, so everyone can play and enjoy the beautiful game of football. CONIFA is the global governing body in the football world that FIFA doesn´t care about and we celebrate people all over the world.

Now we´re in a search for key roles in the organization and if you feel that you could be interested,
please send an email to:



CONIFA are divided into six continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America & Caribbean and Oceania. As Continental President, you are responsible to build, develop and maintain operations in your specific continent. The Continental President is a member of the global Executive Committee of CONIFA. The Continental President has freedom to operate and create its own day-to-day reality in its own Continent.

You will have one of the Top Positions in the world within football outside FIFA, so leadership skills, high ethical and moral values, ability to empower your surroundings, networking and B2B/B2C skills are prioritized core assets in your personality and experience.

The four most important cornerstones for success in your Continent are:

  • Build your Continental Committee (team building)
  • Take care of existing members and attract new members.
  • Plan and launch tournaments and events (action create attraction)
  • Social media and networking (building brand, brand awareness)


The Continental President are main responsible (together with CONIFA globally) to find and recruit Continental Committee members and build a valid team of volunteers. The Continental President owns the right to give structure to its Continental Committee. The structure must be approved by the CONIFA Executive Committee.

The Continental Committee is main responsible to prepare, organize and implement Continental Championships, tournaments, matches and events, have close communication to existing and potential new members and all potential stakeholders, that contributes to the development and growth in each continent. All Continental work will be supported by CONIFA globally.



CONIFA´s aim is to create opportunities “so everyone can play”. We´re searching for you that feels a passion and engagement for Youth soccer activities. As Youth Soccer Director, you´re a part of the CONIFA Global Executive Committee and will be supported by the whole CONIFA community around the world. Since Youth Soccer activities doesn´t exist in our present day, you need to be prepared to build up the operations around the world in close collaboration with our members.

The four most important cornerstones for success are:

  • Build up and maintain a Youth Soccer Committee (team building)
  • Collaboration with existing members and attract new members.
  • Plan and launch Youth tournaments and events (action create attraction)
  • Social media and networking (building brand, brand awareness)



As Media Director, you are a member of the CONIFA Global Executive Committee. In your role, you´ll have the freedom to develop the Committee, the actions and activities based on the needs and will from the organization. Ability to be an engaging leader with a solution-based mindset will be your core assets to create a successful and engaged team. You and your global media team will collaborate with the Continental Media Managers around the world. The main focus areas of operations:

  • Promoting our members
  • Promoting our events
  • Promoting the organization
  • Brand building and brand awareness
  • Fan Engagement activities



Maintenance and development of the CONIFA website in WordPress. Publish content. As Webmaster, you´re a part of the CONIFA Global Media Committee and will also contribute to the development of other digital channels available in CONIFA.



This role is tailormade for you who loves B2B, with high ethical values. Establish and maintain relationships with public organizations (example EU, UN, UNHCR) and companies around the world who are aligned with our core values and are interested to make a positive difference in the world for real. Experience from business legals is valuable in your work with grants, sponsorship agreements etc.



CONIFA will implement a new cloudbased platform, namned DRIBL in a collaboration with our Australian based partner in 2024. After a solid introduction of the platform and the Media Committee, which you will be a part of, collection and registration of data from our previous tournaments (2014 – 2023) will be an initial work in the platform. When this task is done, then gathering data from our members for our upcoming tournaments will be the main task. The Sports Data & Statistics Manager is also responsible for registration of data for live publishing during our tournaments in collaboration with referees, team managers and match managers.



As described in the introduction, CONIFA is divided into six Continents with their own Continental Committee. If you´re interested to be a part of a specific Continental Committee and contribute to the development in that specific region. Please send an email directly to the Continental President in charge. Contact details can be found through this link: CONIFA BOARD.

We welcome you to our Global Family of Peace and Humanity through Sports!

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