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Somaliland is an independent state at the Horn of Africa, which is not recognized by any other country. They declared sovereignity in 1991.
Somaliland has approximately 4 million inhabitants and another million of Somalilanders are estimated to live in diaspora, mainly in the Yemen, in Canada, the UK and the USA. Somalia still declares that Somaliland is an autonomous region of Somalia. Regardless of the official status of recognition Somaliland is de-facto independent and self-governed, and thus has an excellent reason to field an own national team. The Somaliland Football Association was founded in 2011, and represents Somaliland and Somalilanders all around the world. The FA is currently managed by the Not4Gotten Foundation from London (England). The national team of Somaliland has played a couple of friendly matches (see below) during the last years, mainly within England and Greater London in particular.

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