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The Sicilia F.A. was born in 2020 to represent the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea and its people. For almost seven centuries an independent kingdom, Sicily has still a strong national identity, along with a rich and complex culture, its own language and unique political and social traditions.
Today the island is a highly autonomous region of Italy, still governed through its own Parliament dating back to 1130. Historically, the people of the island often fought to maintain its independence, like during the Sicilian Vespers (1282), the Sicilian Revolution of 1848 and the separatist movement during WWII (1943-1946). The Sicilians residing in the island are five millions, but other large communities of people of Sicilian descent live around the world. Sicily also has an important football tradition, with clubs often present in the prestigious Serie A. Sicily FA became CONIFA member in June 2021

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County of Nice - Sicily 2-1


Sicily - Elba Island 4-4

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