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By creating, in the year 2022, the non-profit association "Comité Spécial du Katanga", the AFPK continues its peaceful and democratic path to have the whole world recognize the right of the Katangese people to choose for themselves a mode of governance that they like , without any coercion, violence or recourse to war.
The Alliance of Katanga Patriotic Forces, AFPK in acronym, is a movement of the Katangese people who fight with all their might for the respect of their legitimate rights and for the liberation of the Republic of Katanga. For this, the AFPK uses diplomatic means and advocates the resolution of the Katangese-Congolese dispute through dialogue with the Congolese under the aegis of the United Nations. The head office of the COMITE SPECIAL DU KATANGA (CSK) is located in Antwerp, Belgium. The CSK is an ASBL which acts as the Cultural and Economic Office of Katanga in Belgium, and has as its main object to promote understanding and solidarity between the different peoples of Katanga both on the socially and culturally. The Association aims to build the community, mutual assistance, the promotion of traditional cultural values of Katanga, the revitalization of relations with other corresponding associations as well as socio-economic emergence. The people of Katanga represents a population of approx. 5.600.000 people