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The Elba Island FA became approved as CONIFA member at the Annual General Meeting 2020.
Elba is the largest remaining stretch of land from the ancient tract that once connected the Italian peninsula to Corsica. The northern coast faces the Ligurian Sea, the eastern coast the Piombino Channel, the southern coast the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Corsica Channel divides the western tip of the island from neighbouring Corsica. Today the island is part of the province of Livorno and is divided into seven municipalities, with a total population of about 30,000 inhabitants.

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Elba Island



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Elba Island - Vatican City 4-2


Elba Island - Two Sicilies 1-1


- Elba Island 1-4


Elba Island - Sardinia 0-2


Sicily - Elba Island 4-4

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Announcement | FA Elba Island to meet Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

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