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Délvidék represents the Hungarian minority in Northern-Serbia (Vojvodina) in both regional and ethnic identity
Hungarians in Serbia are the second largest ethnic group in the country if not counting Kosovo. According to the 2011 census, there are 253,899 ethnic Hungarians composing 3.5% of the population of Serbia.[1] The majority of them live in Vojvodina, where they number 251,136 or 13% of the population of the province. Délvidék (Hungarian for “southern land” or “southern territories”) is a historical political term referring to varying areas in the southern part of the Pannonian Plain, which was administered by the Kingdom of Hungary (part of Austria-Hungary) before 1918.[1] Today, these areas are divided between Croatia (northern part), Serbia (mainly Vojvodina region), Romania (Banat), Slovenia (Prekmurje) and Hungary (Baranya, Bácska and Bánát).

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