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August 23, 2022

Meet the CONIFA General secretary


Jeroen became nominated and unanimouosly approved as CONIFA General secretary at the Global Executive Committee meeting, 7th August 2022.

He has been working with underrepresented States, nations and Peoples for over twenty years, assisting them in their cultural, political and economic development and integration into the international structures that bind the world together.

Jeroen is a member of numerous Boards of organisations supporting and representing underrepresented nations. Furthermore, he frequently provides trainings on politics, lobbying in the EU and human rights. Interesting to know, is that he has authored several books on politics and political philosophy as well as the history of Southern Africa and is active in Dutch politics. A few of his books have been translated into English like: The philosophy of Ubuntu and the origins of democracy and the Rehoboth Griqua Atlas.

Jeroen is also Executive Director at the Global Diplomatic Council who are a global Think and Do tank with accreditations and affiliations to many of the world´s international organisations, like the UN, EU and Commonwealth.

“CONIFA is very happy and honored to welcome Jeroen onboard the CONIFA Global Executive Committee. He is a true role model of our ethics, values, mission, vision and will definitelly strengthen our abilities all around the world as the wonderful person he is” // Per-Anders Blind CONIFA Global President

Interview with Jeroen Zandberg (by Sophia Bunga-Sapioper)


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