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June 21, 2022

Maule Sur – Copa America Champions 2022

CONIFA want to congratulate MAULE SUR for their win in the maiden edition of the CONIFA Copa America 2022 and by this qualify themself to the CONIFA World Football Cup. Maule Sur won their first game against Mapuche with 1 – 0, followed by another victory against Aymara with the same result, 1 – 0.

All games were played at Estadio Fiscal Tucapel Bustamanta Lastra, Linares, Chile, 17 – 19th June 2022.

Tournament results:

Friday, 17 June: Maule Sur vs Mapuche: 1 – 0

Saturday 18 June: Aymara vs Mapuche: 1 – 3

Sunday 19 June: Maule Sur – Aymara: 1 – 0

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