Welcome the CONIFA European qualifier round for the coming CONIFA World Football Cup 2024. The four events, widely spread all over Europe, will be a massive celebration of people and sportingly isolated regions surrounded by the core values of CONIFA: Peace, Friendship, Sustainability and Humanity.

The tournament will be played in four groups and four European locations.

Group A will be played in Falmouth, Cornwall United Kingdom and hosted by Kernow FA
Group B will be played in Tenero, Switzerland and hosted by Canton Ticino FA
Group C will be played in Csikszereda, Romania and hosted by Székely Land LE
Group D will be played in Sukhum, Abkhazia and hosted by Abkhazia FA

The groups that hold three teams compete for 2 CONIFA World Football Cup 2024 tickets
The group that hold two teams compete for 1 CONIFA World Football Cup 2024 ticket

The CONIFA World Football Cup 2024 will be hosted by three cities in Kurdistan (Erbil, Duhok and Slejmani).
16 teams from all over the world will be selected in 2023.

Group Stages

Group A , Cornwall

  • 16th July, kickoff 2 PM CET

    Kernow Cornwall logo
    2 - 1
    Sapmi logo Sapmi

Group B, Switzerland

  • 17th June, kickoff 6 PM CET

    Canton Ticino
    1 - 8
    Raetia logo Raetia

Group C , Szekely Land

  • 30th June, kickoff 7 PM CET

    Székely Land Székely Land logo
    3 - 2
    flag Chameria
  • 1st July, kickoff 5 PM CET

    Chameria flag
    3 - 1
    Two Sicilie Logo Two Sicilies
  • 2nd July, kickoff 7 PM CET

    Two Sicilies Two Sicilie Logo
    0 - 7
    Székely Land logo Székely Land

Group D , Abkhazia

  • Game Postponed

    Artsakh logo Artsakh

Group A Table

1Kernow FA113
2FA Sapmi1-10

Group B Table

1FA Raetia1+73
2Canton Ticino FA1-70

Group C Table

1Székely land LE2+86
2Chameria FA2+13
3Two Sicily FA2-90

Group D Table

1Abkhazia FA000
2Artsakh FA000