Welcome to the CONIFA Asia Cup 2023, part I.

The tournament will be played in Alcochete, south of Lisbon, Portugal with 3 teams competing for 3 World Football Cup tickets. The teams are:


This event will be a massive celebration of people and sportingly isolated regions surrounded by the core values of CONIFA: Peace, Friendship, Sustainability and Humanity.

The tournament logotype:

The CONIFA Asia Cup logotype is something very unique and holds its own story. It´s conceptualized by our CONIFA Asia/Oceania President, Ms. Ruby Ann Kagaoan and a young, fresh Art Director/Graphic Artist from the Philippines, Ms Isabelle de Guzman. Her passion lies in the arts and study of Human Rights and runs a Digital Studio named “Creative Cube Studios”. You can find more about Isabelle and her work here: Creative Cube Studios. Quoted from our Asia/Oceania President: “The Asia Cup logo symbolizes the CONIFA Asia eagle, bringing the blazing torch of the Asia Cup to high heights”.

The matches will be played on artificial turf in Alcochete, south of Lisbon, Portugal. The CONIFA World Football Cup 2024 will be hosted by three cities in Kurdistan (Erbil, Duhok and Slejmani). 16 teams from all over the world will be selected in 2023.

The Asia Cup 2023 – part II, will be played later this summer between Kashmir FA and the Pakistan All.Star in United Kingdom.

Tournament Day Schedule

3rd August, Thursday: Press conference 9:15 PM CET

4th August, Friday: Tamil Eelam – Hmong FF, kickoff: 7 PM CET

5th August, Saturday: Hmong FF – Tibet NSA, kickoff: 7 PM CET

6th August, Sunday: Tibet NSA – Tamil Eelam FA, kickoff: 7 PM CET, followed by a Press Conference at 9.30 PM CET

7th August, Monday: Cultural Day (Climate Action Hour, Lunch and recreational activities)

8th August, Tuesday: FINAL (1st – 2nd team in group), kickoff: 6 PM CET followed by Award Ceremony at 8.30 PM CET

Group Stage

4th August

  • Kickoff at 7 PM CET

    Tamil Eelam FA
    3 - 0
    Hmong FF

5th August

  • Kickoff at 7 PM CET

    Hmong FF
    5 - 4
    Tibet logo Tibetan NSA

6th August

  • Kickoff at 7 PM CET

    Tibetan NSA Tibet logo
    1 - 3
    Tamil Eelam FA

8th August

  • 1 - 2nd place

    Kickoff at 6 PM CET

    Tamil Eelam FA
    3 - 1
    Hmong FF

Group Table

1Tamil Eelam FA2+56
2Hmong FF2-23
3Tibet NSA2-30