Dear Members,

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Madison Wisconsin (United States)

In collaboration with Madison Area Sports Commission, CONIFA welcomes you to the 10th Annual General Meeting of CONIFA. Exciting times to come, with a calendar filled with events and activities 2023-2024. Therefore, is your attendance very important, so the correct path is taken.

Except the traditional AGM schedule, we together – as an example – will talk/present details about both Continental tournaments and the World Football Cup 2024 for both Men and Women followed by press conference, interviews, site visits and perhaps most important – enjoy each others company.

We´ve taken many leaps forward in over 10 years now, but we are still far from being saturated and cannot wait for the many adventures to come. Engaging yourself in CONIFA now is making big prints in the history books. Together we´re creating a fantastic global movement and your contribution is important and highly appreciated.

We will evaluate and approve the actions taken and even more important, decide the future steps and strategies – both for CONIFA as an organization and for every one of you! We´ve become a powerhouse in football and represents more then 730 million people. An amazing number that shows that our global family are in instant growth mode – a legacy that we must cherish and manage at highest standards possible.

This page will be continiously updated with new documents as soon they are ready for publishing, so welcome to follow this page from time to time. As a start, the most important document to read is the official invitation.

Date: Friday – Sunday, 27 – 29th January 2023

Location: Madison, Wisconsin (USA) or through Zoom

Contact/RSVP: Please e-mail

Important: If you miss your invoice for membership fee 2023, please contact your Continental President by email at once (see below):


Follow these procedures for attendance:

  1. Register your participation through this link: REGISTER
  2. Book your accommodation through this link: Book your hotel
  3. If Visa is needed, use this link: VISA application


For online participation
Active CONIFA FA members, Executive Committe and Continental Committee members who are unable to enjoy the beautiful location of Madison, Wisconsin in person, will have to possibility to attend through a special ZOOM (Video conference) invitation. The ZOOM link will be distributed by email to everyone (as above) who registred themselves through the following link. Latest registration date: 24th January 2023. Voting for online participants aren´t possible. You either need to be present in Madison or give your Proxy to an Active CONIFA member och ExCo member in place.

Online registration here

Preliminary day schedule:

Friday, 27th January:
Arrival to Madison, check in, joint dinner (6 – 7 PM local time)

Saturday, 28th January:
AGM as agenda, starts at 9 AM local time, joint dinner in the evening

Sunday, 29th January:
CONIFA World Football Cup 2024 (Men and Women), presentation of locations and host decision
Continental tournaments and activities, 2023 – 2024
Site (stadium) visit and Press Conference



Please observe that the Annual General Meeting starts, Saturday 28th January at 9 AM local time.
This means that for anyone attending online – the meeting starts at 4 PM (16.00) Central Europe (CET). Central Europe is 7 hours ahead of Madison, Wisconsin.