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February 18, 2022

Date set for CONIFA Football Strategy Days

The Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA), along with the Sabbioneta Municipality, are honored to announce an historic set of events aimed at developing the global organisation and its members. 

Known as Football Strategy Days, members and partners are invited to join together at the UNESCO World Heritage site to – in the words of CONIFA Global President, Per-Anders Blind – ‘define a route into the future for each continent’.

Held on April 22-24, 2022, delegates from each of CONIFA’s member associations are welcomed to take part, as well as being provided an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world renowned culture of Sabbioneta, located in Lombardy, northern Italy. 

The conference will include specific meetings for each of the six continents, as well as dedicated time for discussion on the growth of women’s football, No-Limits and Futsal. This is alongside draws for upcoming tournaments, networking opportunities, trophy presentations and much more besides.

”I am proud and very honored to welcome you all to the beautiful UNESCO heritage site of Sabbioneta,” said Mr Blind. 

“It’s an amazing feeling that we now, hopefully, can see the end of the pandemic situation and give you an opportunity to meet both new and old friends from all over the world.

“These days in Sabbioneta are important for you as a member of CONIFA. Here you will have the opportunity to define the route into the future for each continent and for global development. The days will be filled with joy, happiness and constructive dialogue.

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to the CONIFA European Committee and the municipality of Sabbioneta for their contribution to make these unique days come through.”

Alberto Rischio, CONIFA’s European President, remarked: “Being able to organize the first edition of Football Strategy Days in Sabbioneta is something historic in CONIFA football. 

“Three days of meetings dedicated to organized football professionals. For three days, Sabbioneta will be the world capital for the 700,000,000 people represented on the CONIFA footballing map. 

“I thank Sabbioneta municipality for believing in this event and giving us the opportunity to host it.”

Sabbioneta itself is a fascinating practical representation of a philosophical ambition: the city was built at the behest of Duke Vespasian Gonzaga with the aim of concretizing the Renaissance conception of the ’Ideal City’ in which art, architecture and urban planning represent the maximum expression of classicism.

The sixteenth-century theories that guided its design make Sabbioneta an area of incredible architectural and artistic value: in its streets, in its views and in its palaces you can recognise the perspective theories and the theories of proportions that give it harmony and elegance.

Mayor of Sabbioneta, Marco Pasquali, said: “Sabbioneta is glad to host the CONIFA world for this important event, using sport and culture as a means for territorial promotion, economic revival and tourism recovery after more than two years of difficulty.

“Our city, a world heritage site, is proud to become the center of the world for an organization like CONIFA, which makes sport and culture its important distinctive features.

“Sabbioneta will be able to welcome delegates from all over the world in the best possible way, showing the beauty of a territory made of history, nature, sporting tradition and more.”

Since 2008, Sabbioneta has been included among the UNESCO sites, therefore a place declared ’of exceptional universal value’.

Sport Councilor of Sabbioneta, Franco Alessandria, added: “Sabbioneta is also a city with a great sporting tradition. 

“From the historic football clubs which enhance our entire territory, to those recently founded, passing through the cycling tradition of our municipality and the historic volleyball association, to the athletics and rugby clubs of the Oglio Po area. 

“Sabbioneta is the heart of a territory with a strong sporting vocation which today, thanks to CONIFA, also discovers its ambition to be recognized globally. Sport can do a lot for the development of a territory and with FSD, we will be able to prove it.”

If you are interested in being a part of this important moment, please contact CONIFA General Secretary Piotr Podlewski via before April 10, 2022.

For press enquiries and accreditation, please contact CONIFA Global Media Manager, Tom Howe, via also before April 10, 2022. 

Local Italian media are advised to contact European Media Manager, Chiara Bazzani, via 

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