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June 4, 2024

CONIFA Women WFC2024: Tamil Eelam – Székely Land

Match day 1: Tamil Eelam FA vs. Székely Land LE (2 – 2)

The opening game in the CONIFA Women World Football Cup 2024 were played between Tamil Eelam and Székely Land. A tight game that showed us two different styles of playing football. This is one of many unique things with our tournaments. The players will return back home as much better players after experience different tactics, styles and techniques representing all corners of the world.


0 – 1: Nr 4, Krall Timea (Székely Land), min 44
1 – 1: Nr 9, S. Dilaxsika (Tamil Eelam), min 46
1 – 2: Nr 5, Kis Anita (Székely Land), min 50
2 – 2, Nr 9, S. Dilaxsika (Tamil Eelam), min 79

Now we´re recharging for the second game in the tournament. The first ever Midnight Sun game, that starts at 11 PM CET later tonight and will be played between: FA Sapmi and Székely Land LE.


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