CONIFA European Cup 2015
Final Results
  • Padania FA
  • County of Nice
  • Ellan Vannin
  • Felvidek LE
  • Romani people
  • Szekelyföld LE
The Teams

Six teams competed in the first ever European Championship of football national teams outside FIFA. With Szekely Land, Felvidek and Romani People, three teams competed in their first ever CONIFA event and will met the World Football Cup 2014 finalists County of Nice and Ellan Vannin, as well as the classical Italian superpower outside FIFA Padania.

Tournament Recap
Match Results
Padania FA
S. Tignonsini, M. Garavelli, A. Rota
3-2 Romani People
S. Horvath, R. Csoka
Szekelyföld LE
L. Hodgyai, S. Magyari, A. Rota
2-3 County of Nice
F. Delerve, F. Delerve, M. Tchokounte
Romani People
I. Irhas
1-3 Ellan Vannin
S. Sharkey, F. Jones, C. Bass Jr
Felvidek LE
A. Dalkoni, Z. Magyar, M. Kosa
3-3 Szekelyföld LE
S. Magyari
5/6 place
Szekelyföld LE
P. Silion, J. Mate
2-4 Romani People
J. Oivido, J. Oivido, I. Irhas, S. Horvath
Group 2
Padania FA
M. Prandelli
1-0 Ellan Vannin
Group 1
Felvidek LE
R. Czingel
1-4 County of Nice
J. Onda, F. Delerve, R. Andrea, T. Jaziri
Semi 1
Ellan Vannin
F. Jones
1-3 County of Nice
F. Delerve, L. Floridi, R. Girand
Semi 2
Padania FA
M. Prandelli, N. Mazzotti, M. Prandelli, F. De Peralta, E. Baruwah
5-0 Felvidek LE
3/4 place
Ellan Vannin
C. Bass
(Pen: 5-3)
Felvidek LE
Padania FA
S. Tignonsini, W. Rosset (pen), M. Prandelli, F. De Peralto
4-1 County of Nice
F. Delerve
Closing Cermony
Daily Summary
Summary day 1

Two really skillful and technical matches, both Szekelyföld LE and Romani people became really positive surprises for all of us and gave Padania and County of Nice really competetive resistance. Now we´re all looking forward for tomorrow when Felvidek and Ellan Vannin enters the tournament.

Summary day 2

Today both Ellan Vannin and Felvidek entered the European Championship which ended up with wins for both of the teams. As yesterday, todays matches were really tight, full with speed, physical play and skillful techniques. The Romani people was so close to score the “Goal of the tournament” with a beautiful bisicleta that just went on the outside of the goal. We can also already determine that Szekelyföld and Romani people plays 5 / 6 place match on Friday. Tomorrow will show which teams that will play against eachother in the semifinals on Saturday.

Summary day 3

This days first match determined that Szekelyföld ended in 6th place and the Romani people ended 5th place in the European Championship, a game that Szekelyföld controlled for most of the time but was unable to score when there was possibilities, which was punished in the end by the Romani people. The second game became a hard and though battle between Ellan Vannin and Padania with a lot of emotions involved. It was a extremly important game since it would determine the group placement and it could easily been given even more yellow cards.

County of Nice won the last match of the day againts Felvidek which finally determined the semifinal opponents for both of the teams. Now, we´re all looking forward for tomorrow and the semifinals of this very competitive tournament.