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June 21, 2022

Biafra FF – Africa Champions 2022

CONIFA want to congratulate BIAFRA FF for their win in the maiden edition of the CONIFA Africa FC 2022 and by this qualify themself to the CONIFA World Football Cup. Three teams participating, representing the people of Biafra, Matabeleland and Yoruba. The tournament took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, 21 – 25th May 2022.

Group stage results:

Yoruba Nation FF vs. Matabeleland FC: 1 – 1

Matabeleland FC vs. Biafra FF: 1 – 0

Biafra FF vs. Yoruba Nation FF: 1 – 0


Biafra FF vs. Matabeleland FC: 1 – 0

The AFC trophy held by Ngala Maimo, CONIFA Africa President

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