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June 14, 2023

CONIFA World Football Cup Qualifier – Canton Ticino vs Raetia

The first match for the Conifa World Football Cup Qualifiers 2023 will be played on Saturday 17th June 2023 at 6.00 pm at the Brochin Stadium in Tenero.

The qualifying match will see FA Canton Ticino and FA Raetia, who are part of group B, oppose each other on the field to compete for the coveted access ticket to the Conifa World Football Cup 2024 that it’ll be held in Kurdistan.

The press conference of group B will be held on Saturday 17th June 2023 at 4.00 pm in the S. Gottardo conference room of CS Tenero. The conference will be attended by Ticino President James Minoggio, Rhaetian President Gubert Luck, the coach Simone Fontana, CONIFA European President Alberto Rischio, and CONIFA delegate Matteo Melodia.

Gianluca Novelli, European Director of Conifa tournaments said: “It is a great satisfaction to go back to playing official matches and at the same time to inaugurate a qualification system for the World Cup for the first time. This not only means that we have finally managed to put difficult years behind us but that we are on the right track given that the Federations are increasing and strengthening from every point of view.”

The words of the President of the FA Canton Ticino James Minoggio : “The Canton Ticino national team was born last year and we made our debut on the pitch on Sunday by winning 10:4, scoring 10 goals in 90 minutes.

“Raetia, on the other hand, has existed for 12 years and they have already participated in numerous international matches and events, Raetia is currently the 38th in the CONIFA ranking and we are the 39th ad interim.

“Raetia is the favorite team, we are the unknown factor, the surprise factor, the letter X, which was previously part of our old name Fatekillers of AJ Nytronix. Saturday will be a good match for the history of Ticino football.”

The coach Simone Fontana of the FA Raetia comments on the upcoming match: “Finally we can once again breathe the air of expectation and enthusiasm that an official CONIFA match can create. We hope to give strong emotions to ourselves and to the public who want to be present. Long live Raetia!”

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