CONIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, is the football federation for all associations outside FIFA.

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Nov 20

CONIFA WFC / WWFC2024 graphics

Oct 26

Call for Charity Action

Jun 30

Pakistan Football Association joins CONIFA

Jun 14

CONIFA World Football Cup Qualifier – Canton Ticino vs Raetia

Jun 14

CONIFA Men’s World Cup Qualifiers – Europe

May 12

Aaron Johnsen-President of North America and the Caribbean to resign after a decade with CONIFA

Dec 07

Men´s World Football Cup 2024 – qualification

Nov 01

West Papua vs. TikTok United FC

Oct 29

Pressrelease: CONIFA European Trophy 2023 in North Cyprus

Aug 23

Meet the CONIFA General secretary

Aug 11

Donate 25 $ (USD) and make a difference for the children of Tibet

Jul 26

CONIFA – a gamechanger for a better world.



September 10-17

CONIFA North America Football Cup 2023

the North American and Caribbean Continental Championship and World Football Cup 2024 qualifier

Oaxaca, Mexico

August 1-6

CONIFA Asia Football Cup 2023

the Asia Continental Championship and World Football Cup 2024 qualifier

Koksijde (West Flanders), Belgium