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June 18, 2018

#WFC2018 Match-Day 2: Referees

The Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) would like to express its immense gratitude to the referees officiating the 2018 Paddy Power World Football Cup. The following referees are in charge during Saturday’s matches.

2pm, Queen Elizabeth II Stadium (Enfield Town FC): Abkhazia v Karpatalya (Group B)

Dmitrii Zhukov: Referee
Vitalii Mazin: A1
Valerii Kravchenko: A2
Aleksandr Demenko: 4th

5pm, Queen Elizabeth II Stadium (Enfield Town FC): Northern Cyprus v Tibet (Group B)

John McCallum: Referee
Andrew Mario Parody: A1
Denis Perez: A2
David Murphy: 4th

5pm, Colston Avenue Football Stadium (Carshalton Athletic FC): Ellan Vannin v Tamil Eelam (Group A)

Guastafierro Mario: Referee
Esposito Pasquale: A1
Sasso Mariano: A2
Amitrano Massimo: 4th

5pm, Arbour Park (Slough Town FC): Panjab v Western Armenia (Group D)

Kristian Michel: Referee
Tomaž Pirman: A1
Ollie Potter: A2
Givi Todua: 4th

5pm: Coles Park Stadium (Haringey Borough FC): Padania v Tuvalu (Group C)

Raymond Mashamba: Referee
René Jacobi: A1
Martin Rauh: A2
Dennis Wall: 4th

2pm, Colston Avenue Football Stadium (Carshalton Athletic FC): Barawa v Cascadia (Group A)

Utku Hamamcioglu: Referee
Isfendiyar Aciksoz: A1
Zekai Tore: A2
Fehim Dayi: 4th

2pm: Coles Park Stadium (Haringey Borough FC): Székely Land v Matabeleland (Group C)

Igor Gorshkov: Referee
Karl Parker: A1
Roger Lundbäck: A2
Clément Auclair: 4th

2pm, Larges Lane (Bracknell Town FC): United Koreans in Japan v Kabylia (Group D)

Leon Dastych: Referee
Martin Heiland: A1
Wilhelm Gürtler: A2
Ivan Mrkalj: 4th

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By Robin Toal

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