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May 5, 2021

Statement | 2021 European Football Cup

The Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) can confirm that the 2021 European Football Cup (EFC), due to have been held in Nice, France, has been canceled due to new provisions dictated by the covid-19 emergency.

CONIFA’s European Committee reserves the right to decide a new date for the competition but will delay any decision until August 2021, in order to monitor the situation of the pandemic and vaccinations in the various European states.

The decision to cancel EFC 2021 was reached following official communication received by CONIFA from the organizing committee and the government

CONIFA’s European President, Alberto Rischio, declared: “I am truly sorry and regret this decision but it was inevitable due to the new covid-19 restrictions. We all worked hard for the realization of this fantastic European Football Cup but the pandemic was a constant variable.”

Adil Echaoui, President of the EFC organizing committee, added: “I regret to announce that this magnificent event cannot take place this year due to health restrictions.

“We hope that this great and popular tournament can be held in Nice next year and we look forward to seeing you in 2022.”

Given the cancellation of the event, a decision on the new European Trophy will be made by representatives of CONIFA through a contest to be launched on social networks shortly.

In recent months, a Russian artist has created various proposals for the creation of the European Trophy which, from today and over the years, will become a symbol of this wonderful sporting event.

Meanwhile, the EFC commentators contest was a great success, receiving more than 50 applications. CONIFA intends to create a communication group with the applicants in order to involve them in future endeavours.

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By Robin Toal

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