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Skåneland is a historical and cultural region in Southern Scandinavia. Skåneland consists of four provinces: Skåne (Scania), Halland, Blekinge and Bornholm.
Skåneland belonged to Denmark for almost 700 years. When Danish kings were referring to “my Scanian men” all of Skåneland was included. Halland was annexed by Sweden in 1645. The rest of Skåneland was annexed by Sweden in 1658. Bornholm was returned to Denmark in 1660. These days Skåne, Halland and Blekinge belong to Sweden and the island of Bornholm belongs to Denmark. The Scanian Football Federation (abbreviated: SFF) was founded 2010. The organization became a member of the N.F.-Board in 2011. The purpose of the organization is to assemble a Scanian national football team that will play international matches against other national, regional and minority teams. The long-term objective is to participate with a Scanian national football team in non-FIFA tournaments like Europeada and CONIFA World Football Cup.

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