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The Romani People are an ethnic group living mostly in Europe and the Americas. They are often referred to as a “stateless nation” as Romani people are not the major group in any country of the world. Nevertheless they are united by heritage, culture and language.
The third football team of Milan – Brera– ,whose chairman is Alessandro Aleotti, is managing the Romani People national team as a tool to fight the ongoing discrimination of the Romani People across Europe. Brera is launching a new project which aims to use football as a way for changing the perception and growing the awareness of Romani People. The football club is working in collaboration with the international activist Dijana Pavlovic, a Romani actress with a Serbian passport living in Milan. Staff at the Brera football club is selecting the players from this certain ethnicity in 18 European countries, who will proudly wear the t-shirts of “National” being the largest ethnic minority in Europe. The team is coached by Brera coach Andrea Mazza.

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Romani People

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