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Raetia is situated into the Alps of east Switzerland and north Italy. The history background is related to “alt fry Raetia”, in the middle age, when Raetia used to be independent. After the French Revolution, at the Congress of Vienna, one part of region has been annexed to Italy and the other part to Switzerland.
Alt fry Raetia used to be an alliance of 3 regions and the tributary areas: The League of God’s House, The Grey League, and The League of the Ten Jurisdictions. The Church, especially the Bishop of Chur, had always a lot of estates a big influence over the territories. Three ethnic groups and the subsequent languages of Swiss German, Italian and Romansh are home in Raetia. It is entirely mountainous, comprising the highlands of the Rhine, Inn and Adda valleys. The highest peak is over 4,000 meters high. Agriculture was and is essential on the economy side. Transport has always been an issue in the area. Since the Roman time, goods moving between northern and southern Europe. Today there are several Alpine passes connecting north and south, nowadays also the Raetian Railways and a motorway with a long Tunnel. For about 100 years, tourism has become one of the most important economic sectors. Numerous guests from all over the World come to Raetia, especially in winter time to the popular ski areas.

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