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The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is an independent de-facto nation in the Northern part of the Mediterranean Sea island of Cyprus.
The KTFF (Kıbrıs Türk Futbol Federasyonu) is the official body of football in Northern Cyprus. They have a long and outstanding footballing history including participations at the 1980 Islamic Games (playing against Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Malaysia and Lybia), the 2006 FIFI Wild Cup (playing against Zanzibar, Greenland and Gibraltar) and the 2012 VIVA World Cup (playing against Darfur United, Provence, Zanzibar and Kurdistan). They also hosted the amazing ELF Cup in 2006 and played against Crimea, Tajikistan, Tibet and Zanzibar. In front of their own fans they won the trophy (against Crimea, 3-1).

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Karpatalya - Northern Cyprus 0-0

Northern Cyprus - Padania 3-2

Barawa - Northern Cyprus 0-8

Northern Cyprus - Tibetan NSA 3-1

Northern Cyprus - Karpatalya 1-1

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