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Kabylia is located in North Africa, between the Tell Atlas mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s called the African Switzerland.
Kabylia is the homeland of the Kabylian people who built his own identity and personality. It includes the historical space of the former « Wilaya III » during the Algerian war against France, adjusted to the nowadays socio-linguistic realities. As Free Men of amazigh origin, by their language, their culture, their socio-political founding principles and their past and recent History, Kabylians constitute one people and one nation. They are 10 million Kabyles of which 2 abroad

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Kabylia - Abkhazia 0-2

Tibetan NSA - Kabylia 1-8

Matabeleland FC - Kabylia 0-0

United Koreans in Japan - Kabylia 0-0

Panjab FA - Kabylia 8-0

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