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The term of Franconia (German: Franken) is today commonly used to refer to the eastern part of the historic Duchy of Franconia in Germany, mainly represented by the Bavarian administrative districts of Lower Franconia (Unterfranken), Middle Franconia (Mittelfranken), and Upper Franconia (Oberfranken).
Due to the respective local East Franconian German dialects, the adjacent northeastern parts of the Heilbronn-Franken region in Baden-Württemberg, parts of Thuringia south of the Rennsteig ridge, and a small part of Hesse (Gersfeld) are also considered as Franconian regions. The Franconia team is called “Franken 11”, which means “Franconians XI”. They were founded in 2014 by their initiator Rudolf Schiebel, the current president, and some enthusiastic fellows in Franconia. Until today the team played only one friendly game, against Raetia (4-2).

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