Support CONIFA and its members!

CONIFA is a non-profit organization that is run entirely by volunteers. Donate to help our volunteers be able to best serve our members, giving them Freedom to Play Football.

Through CONIFA Properties Ltd, CONIFA NPO have a service agreement with allround Sport Management Ltd who are assigned to find, collect and handle grants, funds, donations and/or sponsorship on behalf of CONIFA Properties Ltd and CONIFA NPO. The purpose is to increase the ability for CONIFA to grow as an organization and develop itself and its members.

If you like to donate money to CONIFA, it shall be done to allround Sport Management Ltd as described in the box beside. A Donation Certificate and receipt for the donation will be created and sent to you.

Any donations can be made to:

allround Sport Management Ltd.

Fujairah Tower, P.O.Box 4422
Fujairah, UAE

Noor Bank, Sheikh Zayed Road Branch,
P.O. box 8822, Dubai


EUR IBAN: AE430520000110652650039
USD IBAN: AE220520000110652650029

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