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April 23, 2019

Building blocks for the future with Sardinia

The CONIFA Europe President, Alberto Rischio, spent two days in Sardinia with the FA recently, making new friends and cementing old relationships…

In early April, CONIFA’s Europe President, Alberto Rischio, and two members of the Europe committee – Federico Borello, European Media Manager and Hiratch Yagan, European Tournament Manager – spent two successful days in Sardinia, meeting with the Sardinian FA, and visiting various sites of interest across the island.

Gabriele Cossu, President of the Sardinia FA, and Stefania Campus, Sardinia FA Marketing Manager, made the European delegation very welcome and accompanied them on a number of fact-finding visits. The team went to the Tonino Taddia stadium in Pabillonis, to see the facilities on offer there, as this is looking likely to be the new HQ of the Sardinia FA. The group also visited the famous stone installations created by Pinuccio Sciola. These sculptures ‘sing’ and are a wonderful sight to behold.


During several meetings across the two days, Alberto and the CONIFA team discussed several issues, including the 2021 CONIFA European Football Cup, the 2019 edition of the No Limits Cup,  the friendly match taking place between Sardinia and Corsica in June, and also the upcoming CONIFA European Football Cup 2019, set to happen shortly in Artsakh. The delegation also spoke about various marketing and sponsorship activities that would assist the Sardinian FA in its business.

The visit was extremely successful and has paved the way for new connections to be made between CONIFA and Sardinia. Thank you for your hospitality!

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By Robin Toal

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