A Warm Welcome to CONIFA’s New Honorary Members!

During CONIFA’s 6th annual AGM, held across the weekend of Saturday 26th-Sunday 27th January 2019, the organisation approved the nominations of 11 new Honorary Members.

Honorary Memberships are awarded to those who have assisted CONIFA and its goals, or who have helped to spread the CONIFA message worldwide, growing the organisation’s following and standing in the worldwide community. Each member of the CONIFA Executive Committee can nominate Honorary Members, who are then approved by the organisation.

The 11 members approved by CONIFA at this year’s AGM are as follows:


Mr Ola Laxvig and Mr Lars Ivarsson
Ostersund FC, Sweden

Both Mr Laxvig and Mr Ivarsson contributed whole-heartedly to the set up and running of the first ever CONIFA World Football Cup in Sweden in 2014. They worked tirelessly to ensure the tournament took place smoothly and did much of this work behind the scenes. Their work meant this inaugural WFC was a huge success and provided a model for the tournaments and events that followed. We could not have run the World Football Cup in 2014 without them.


Mr Marijn Sillis
Mechelen, Belgium

As the first Media Director of CONIFA, Marijn looked after the press and journalists at the first World Football Cup in Sweden in 2014. He ensured that the tournament received plenty of press attention, and was one of the first people to spread the word about CONIFA to the world. He was also instrumental in planning for the 2016 World Football Cup in Abkhazia. He no longer volunteers for CONIFA, but his contribution should be remembered for how much it brought to the organisation in its earliest days.


Mr Raul Khajimba
Sukhum, Abkhazia

As the President of Abkhazia during the 2016 CONIFA World Football Cup, Mr Khajimba was able to ensure that the tournament was a huge success. Assisting CONIFA in every way possible to ensure the tournament took place smoothly, Mr Khajimba personally ensured that CONIFA had everything they needed to set up and manage the second WFC. Mr Khajimba is a symbol of all those Abkhazians who made the 2016 WFC such a special and memorable tournament.


Mr Astamur Adleiba
Sukhum, Abkhazia

It is almost impossible to list out all the things that Mr Adleiba did for CONIFA during the 2016 World Football Cup. He ensured that the stadium in Abkhazia was built and completed on time, and was in charge of organising accommodation for CONIFA volunteers, teams and members during the WFC. He remains an energetic ambassador for CONIFA throughout Russian-speaking regions, and is someone who is the perfect embodiment of the CONIFA ‘family’ spirit.


Mr Laszlo Papp
Debrecen, Hungary

When the first ever CONIFA European Football Cup 2015 had to be moved at short notice from the Isle of Man, Mr Papp, the Mayor of Debrecen, stepped in and offered to host the tournament in his city. He made all resources available to CONIFA to ensure this could happen at extremely short notice, and made sure the six-team tournament was a huge success. He laid the foundations for the following EFC tournaments, and CONIFA is forever thankful to him for this.


Mr Huseyin Ozgurgun
Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus

After the 2015 EFC, CONIFA’s 2017 European Football Cup was held in Northern Cyprus at the invitation of the then-Prime Minister of the country, Mr Ozgurgun. He ensured that CONIFA had full use of stadia across the country – in both big cities and more rural areas – and fully supported the tournament from the first kick off to the final whistle. Thanks to him, CONIFA was able to grow the EFC and ensure it was even bigger than before – and this is largely due to Mr Ozgurgun’s drive and professionalism.


Mr Paddy Power
Dublin, Ireland

As the chief sponsor of the 2018 World Football Cup, Paddy Power ensured that CONIFA could hold the tournament in London, at some of the city’s most iconic stadia. And the ‘face’ of the company, Mr Power, grandson of the original founder, ensured that we had someone handing out trophies at the final who truly embodies the grassroot spirit of the game of football, and who enjoys meeting and engaging with people from a myriad of cultures and regions. We cannot thank him enough for his help and support during the WFC 2018.


Mr Lee Price
London, UK

Quite simply, without Mr Price, the CONIFA World Cup 2018 would not have had its theme song (by Right Said Fred), its green cards (the first time one was used in the sport), a tournament logo, TV rights, or the support of Paddy Power employees around the world. Mr Price worked tirelessly to make the tournament a huge success and took the WFC to a whole new uncharted level. We are all immensely grateful to him for this.


Mr Ramadan Ismail
Director, Enfield Town FC, London

During the World Football Cup in 2018, Enfield Town FC became the ‘home’ of CONIFA – and this is largely down to Mr Ismail and his welcoming spirit and friendly attitude. Enfield’s ground became the place where items were stored for the WFC, and Mr Ismail ensured that everyone he met got to hear about CONIFA and its aims. He was a wonderful ambassador for the tournament and took care of us during the final of the WFC 2018, which broke all attendance records at Enfield Town. It is thanks to people like Mr Ismail that the 2018 tournament was such a huge success.


Mr Kayne Steinborn-Busse
Chairman, Bracknell Town FC, London

With his tireless devotion to making the CONIFA World Football Cup 2018 such a well-run and successful tournament, Mr Steinborn-Busse was a great source of inspiration for those attending matches at Bracknell Town FC. When a Kabylia player was injured during a match at the club during the WFC, Mr Steinborn-Busse oversaw the management of the incident with calmness and professionalism. He was always cheerful and truly embodies the spirit of the CONIFA family.

Principal Sponsor for the CONIFA European Football Cup 2019 Announced

CONIFA is delighted to announce that Sportsbet.io has become the principal sponsor of the CONIFA European Football Cup 2019. This is the first time that sportsbook Sportsbet.io has moved into tournament sponsorship.

Taking place in Stepanakert, Artsakh, in June 2019, Sportsbet.io will work closely with CONIFA teams, volunteers and organisers to develop the tournament, featuring 12 teams from across the European region.

Joe McCallum, Director of Sportsbook at Sportsbet.io, said: “We are really excited to sponsor the 2019 CONIFA European Championship and can’t wait for the action to begin.

“We love the beautiful game and are proud to be part of something so special by sponsoring the independently run CONIFA we are certainly doing that.

“The CONIFA story is not only an impressive one, but a moving one. We are delighted to be able to share the tales of the teams defying the odds and getting involved. CONIFA gives the underdog a voice and those without a voice a reason to speak out and we want to help them be heard.”

Sascha Düerkop, CONIFA General Secretary, said: “All of us at CONIFA are delighted to be working with Sportsbet.io on the 2019 European Football Cup. Their sponsorship allows CONIFA to ensure the tournament can be enjoyed by more people than ever before.”

Sportsbet.io originally made its mark on the sports betting industry as a Bitcoin-led sportsbook, however its offering has significantly expanded with players now able to also use Ethereum, Euros, various fiat currencies as well as SOC coin to bet across some of the best markets. Sportsbet.io players have access to over 350,000 pre-match events, a pioneering cashout out function, daily price boosts and more than 1,200 casino games on site.

For more information on the CONIFA Sportsbet.io European Football Cup 2019, follow CONIFA on Facebook (@CONIFA)Twitter (@CONIFAofficial) and Instagram (@conifaofficial). For more information on Sportsbet.io, go to https://sportsbet.io

CONIFA SportsBet.io World Football Cup 2020: Somaliland

On Sunday 27th January, it was decided by the CONIFA Executive Committee that the 2020 CONIFA SportsBet.io World Football Cup will be hosted by Somaliland.

Somaliland is an independent state in the Horn of Africa, which is not recognised by any other country. It declared sovereignty in 1991.

The Somaliland Football Association was founded in 2011, and represents Somaliland and Somalilanders living around the world.

This will be the fourth CONIFA World Football Cup, with previous tournaments having been hosted by Sapmi (2014); Abkhazia (2016); and Barawa (2018).

The County of Nice won the inaugural WFC in 2014, with Abkhazia and Karpatalya being crowned champions in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

The decision to award the tournament to Somaliland followed a non-binding vote at the CONIFA AGM by CONIFA member associations, where Somaliland was supported by the majority as a potential host nation.

The award of the CONIFA SportsBet.io World Football Cup 2020 to Somaliland is subject to a successful site visit, to be undertaken by members of the CONIFA Executive Committee in March 2019.

CONIFA 2019 European Football Cup – Draw

The draw for the 2019 CONIFA European Football Cup took place in Krakow today (Sunday 27th January).

Twelve teams, who represent 30 million people across Europe, will battle it out in the third CONIFA European Football Championship, which will take place in Artsakh in June.

The draw was made by Alberto Rischio, CONIFA European President; Ashot Danielyan, Minister of Science and Sport from the host nation of Artsakh; and Lucy Thomas, PR & Sponsorship Manager from tournament sponsors Sportsbet.io.

Group One:

Group Two:
County of Nice

Group Three:

Group Four:
Szekely Land
Western Armenia
South Ossetia

CONIFA, and hosts Artsakh, look forward to welcoming all players, coaches, and support staff from all competing football associations to the tournament – and we look forward to welcoming many fans to what will be a celebratory festival of culture and football.

As a final note, CONIFA and all CONIFA members wish to acknowledge Holocaust Memorial Day and to say that our thoughts are with victims of the Holocaust, their families, and in addition, all those affected by fascism and oppression throughout the world.

Expulsion of Ellan Vannin (Manx International Football Alliance) lifted at CONIFA AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) on Saturday voted to revoke the provisional expulsion of the Manx International Football Alliance / Ellan Vannin (MIFA).

The CONIFA Executive Committee voted on 6 June 2018 to provisionally expel MIFA following their unilateral departure from the 2018 Paddy Power World Football Cup. MIFA’s departure occurred after the tournament management committee rejected MIFA’s challenge to the eligibility of a Barawa FA player.

Under the CONIFA Constitution, the expulsion required ratification from the subsequent Annual General Meeting, with a 75% majority.

In Krakow on Saturday, during the final session of the 2019 Annual General Meeting, a secret ballot was held following statements from MIFA and several other relevant stakeholders. Of the 208 available votes, 70 were cast in favour of expulsion, 118 were cast against expulsion and 20 votes abstained. Accordingly, the expulsion resolution did not carry and MIFA regained its CONIFA membership.

A CONIFA Executive Committee spokesperson said following the vote: ‘We look forward to welcoming MIFA back into the CONIFA family. The CONIFA Executive Committee will respect the democratic will of its members.’

A full summary from the 2019 Annual General Meeting will be provided soon.

CONIFA AGM 2019: News

The sixth Annual General Meeting of CONIFA took place today (Saturday 26th January 2019) in Krakow, Poland.

Attended by CONIFA football association members from around the globe, the meeting voted on measures ranging from new gender equality and code of conduct regulations, to the ratification of the first honorary members of CONIFA.

The honorary members included prominent figures from CONIFA history, and those specifically involved in the delivery of CONIFA tournaments. In addition, CONIFA has welcomed seven new members:

  • Parishes of Jersey FA
  • Kernow FA
  • Lazistan
  • Sardinia
  • Republic of Chameria
  • The Karen people FA
  • Australian First Nations Mariya

The minutes of the 2018 AGM were ratified by CONIFA members, as were the financial records from 2018, and the budget for 2019.

The AGM also heard presentations from the Western Sahara FA and the Kurdistan FA, and the 2019 European Football Cup hosts Artsakh showcased their plans for the tournament.

Tomorrow (Sunday 27th January 2019), the draw will take place for the 2019 European Football Cup which will is happening in Artsakh in June.

The CONIFA AGM 2019: Why is it So Important?

From the all-important 2019 European Football Cup draw to confirming the admission of new members, CONIFA’s annual gathering in Krakow will set the tone for the year ahead…

2018 was a superlative year for CONIFA, as the roster of member associations continued to grow, and the staging of the 2018 World Football Cup in London attracted unprecedented interest across the globe.

It’s in this context in which the organisation enters its 2019 AGM over the weekend of 25th-27th January, with the goal of capitalising on the increased interest in its activities. With all individuals working within CONIFA doing so in a voluntary capacity, the annual general meeting offers a rare opportunity to meet under a single roof and take the decisions that will shape the confederation’s future.

Every year so far, the AGM has taken place in a different city across Europe, with this sixth edition coming to Poland’s beautiful second city of Krakow.

Top of the agenda will be Sunday morning’s draw for the 2019 edition of the European Football Cup. This year’s competition will see CONIFA return to the Caucasus for a second time following the success of the 2016 World Football Cup in Abkhazia, as CONIFA’s European sides head for Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh).

Sadly, Karpatalya and Northern Cyprus, the reigning WFC champions and runners-up, will be absent from the draw as they are unable to take part. But two-time European champions Padania will be there to defend their title, and are joined by 2016 WFC champions Abkhazia. For the full lowdown on the teams involved and how to follow the draw live, follow this link.

As well as the nitty-gritty of finances and the constitution, those present at the AGM will have the opportunity to hear a presentation from the Somaliland FA on their bid to host the WFC in 2020. The final decision on a host for the tournament will be taken at a later date.

The meeting will also discuss the admission of the newest members of the CONIFA family, with applications from Australian First Nations Mariya, Chameria, Karen People, Kernow, Laz People, Parishes of Jersey and Sardinia to be ratified.

All the important information and documentation on this year’s AGM can be found here. And we’ll be live tweeting and posting from the AGM on all the important decisions taken over the weekend, as well as live streaming the EFC draw on 27th January via Mycujoo and Facebook Live.

If you are a journalist who would like to attend the CONIFA AGM, please email press@conifa.org

CONIFA European Football Cup 2019: live draw announced!

CONIFA are delighted to announce that the draw for the 2019 European Football Cup, taking place in June 2019 in Artsakh, is planned to take place at 11.30am CET on Sunday 27th January at CONIFA’s annual AGM. The AGM is taking place at the Hotel Witek in Krakow, Poland, over the weekend of 26th-27th January. For more information on CONIFA’s AGM, click here.

The 12 teams taking part in the European Football Cup are as follows:

  • Abkhazia
  • Artsakh
  • Chameria
  • County of Nice
  • Donetsk
  • Luhansk
  • Padania
  • Sapmi
  • Sardinia
  • South Ossetia
  • Szekely Land
  • Western Armenia

Seeded teams include Padania (the winners of the 2017 European Football Cup in Northern Cyprus) and Artsakh, as the hosts of the 2019 European Football Cup. Abkhazia and Szekely Land also go into the draw as top seeds in Pot 1, based on their CONIFA rankings.

The reserve team is Kernow, one of CONIFA’s newest member associations, located in the south-west of England. Teams will be drawn into four groups of three teams, with matches to be scheduled later on this year, ahead of the June 2019 kick-off date for the tournament.

The draw will be done by members of the CONIFA committee and representatives of the Artsakh government. It will be live streamed on CONIFA’s official Facebook page on Sunday 27th January at 11.30am CET, as well as by streaming partner MyCujoo.

Good luck to all teams taking part!

CONIFA seeking volunteer Website Manager

CONIFA is seeking a Website Manager for immediate placement

Working under the Media Director, the Website Manager will be in charge of managing all aspects of the website, which serves as the chief marketing tool for CONIFA.

The role will involve ensuring that the website is up to date with the latest events and news, as well as membership and CONIFA staff changes, as they occur.  The Website Manager will also manage hosting and track analytics to ensure the website is running optimally.


The position is voluntary (as are all CONIFA positions) and is remote with the expectation to communicate progress regularly to the Media Director and other volunteer staff at CONIFA, as required.


Hours per month: 5-20 hours recommended but at the discretion of the Website Manager to set a working schedule that is manageable around other commitments.   Hours will generally be in the 5-10 hours per month range, but will increase depending on if there is an event taking place.

The main tasks will be:


  • Updating the website to post new content, as required by the Media Director and/or other members of CONIFA’s Executive Committee
  • Optimizing images for the website
  • Ensuring that the website is up to date for current members, staff and events
  • Maintaining CONIFA’s brand through the look & feel of the website
  • Keeping WordPress and associated plugins up to date and functional, or changing, as required
  • Selecting an adequate hosting provider and looking after all issues with regards to hosting
  • Being chief technical contact for CONIFA


Necessary Skills:


  • Expert communicator with a flexible schedule. CONIFA volunteers come from around the globe, so the ability to respond to requests, regardless of their origin, in a timely manner is key
  • WordPress (Expert)
  • HTML (Advanced)
  • PHP (Intermediate)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Basic)
  • Hosting (Advanced)


Useful skills:


  • Design Skills / Adobe Creative Suite
  • Writing Skills


What you will get from the role:

  • Exciting chance to get experience in global football, working in a progressive, growing organisation using football for social empowerment.
    • A unique opportunity to gain experience in sports media

We understand that as a voluntary position the Website Manager will need to balance paid work commitments and are completely flexible in terms of working hours.

The position is voluntary (as with all CONIFA roles)

Please email a CV and a cover letter explaining why you would like to become the CONIFA Wesbite Manager to cassie.whittell@gmail.com

CONIFA is dedicated to equality and diversity and we welcome applications from a diverse range of people, respecting and drawing on different perspectives, skills, experience and knowledge.

Sponsorship/Marketing Director required

CONIFA Asia is seeking a Sponsorship/Marketing Director for an immediate start

The Sponsorship/Marketing Director will be in charge of developing the financial growth of CONIFA Asia, working alongside the CONIFA Asia team.

The role will involve seeking sponsorships for the committee itself, but also discovering potential hosts to work upfront on making an Asia Football Cup or similar financially feasible. The focus for the Sponsorship/Marketing Director (Asia) will be on finding sponsors for the Asia committee, as well as for further tournaments on the Asian subcontinent.

The position is voluntary (as are all CONIFA positions) and is remote, with the requirement to attend Skype calls up to twice a month and to communicate progress regularly to other members of the CONIFA Asia committee.

Hours per week: 5-10 hours recommended; but it is at the discretion of the Director to set a working schedule that is manageable around other commitments.

The main tasks will be:

  • Liaising with potential sponsors to ensure the solid financial status of CONIFA Asia
  • Creating short, medium and long-term plans for the financial development of CONIFA Asia and its members
  • Providing assistance (budgeting) to member FAs in regards hosting an Asia Football Cup or smaller tournaments, alongside the CONIFA Asia Financial Manager
  • Assisting hosts in making tournaments possible (assistance in marketing/sponsoring matters).

When taking on this challenging role, the Sponsorship/Marketing Director will be assisted by a team of fellow volunteers and can also expect the full support of a dedicated team of CONIFA Asia members.

Useful skills:

  • Knowledge of what CONIFA does and why, and the obstacles its members may face
  • Budgeting
  • Strong skills and experience in regards marketing and sponsorship
  • Grant-writing/fund-raising skills.

In addition, experience of the Asian subcontinent or culture would be advantageous.

The ability to speak a key Asian language (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, language of India, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic) would also be useful.

Benefits of your commitment:

  • This is an exciting chance to get experience in football development, working in a progressive, fast-growing organisation using football for social empowerment
  • A chance to make a real impact on the way to holding the first CONIFA Asia Football Cup in a globally minded, challenging and rewarding environment
  • A unique opportunity to gain experience in international relations and sports administration.

However, enthusiasm and a desire to make a positive change for CONIFA Asia financially is the most important requirement. We understand that, as a voluntary position, the Director will need to balance paid work commitments and we are completely flexible in terms of working hours.

The position is voluntary (as with all CONIFA roles).

Please email a CV and covering letter explaining why you would like to become the CONIFA Asia Sponsorship/Marketing Director to asia@conifa.org

CONIFA is dedicated to equality and diversity and we welcome applications from a diverse range of people, respecting and drawing on different perspectives, skills, experience and knowledge.

TicketPass and CONIFA have teamed up to bring you No Limits tickets!

No Limits tournament tickets are on sale now, via partners TicketPass

Taking place from 11th-13th January 2019, CONIFA’s No Limits European Championship is set to bring disabled football teams to the forefront of European competition with this brand-new tournament.

Hosted in the impressive Stade de Moneghetti in Monaco, No Limits will see four teams – from Monaco, Padania, Sardinia and County of Nice – compete to become the first ever No Limits European Champions. And tickets are now on sale, through tournament partners TicketPass.

TicketPass is an ethical ticketing company, who believe that selling online tickets should be fair, friendly and social. Every time a ticket to No Limits is sold via TicketPass, the company passes 50% of its booking fee back to a nominated charity, meaning good causes benefit from each purchase made.

And CONIFA has nominated S4S UK to receive monies raised by ticket sales to the No Limits tournament. S4S UK is a registered charity working with disabled children in developing countries, who are often isolated from society and who need additional support. The charity’s aims of inclusion and awareness, as well as their work in Zimbabwe and other similar areas, tie into the No Limits key motto – ‘So Everyone Can Play’.

The tournament is taking place very soon, so head over to TicketPass to find out more and purchase your tickets now!