CONIFACONIFA is seeking a Women’s Football Director for immediate placement.

The Women’s Football Director will be in charge of stimulating the growth of women’s football across the network of CONIFA members.

The role will involve assisting members with existing women’s football programmes with the running of their programmes but also assisting member FAs without a current women’s football programme in setting one up.

The focal point for the Women’s Football Director will be organising a CONIFA Women’s World Football Cup in 2019, or 2020 at latest.

The position is voluntary and is remote with the expectation to attend monthly Skype calls and to communicate progress regularly to other members of the CONIFA Executive Committee.

The main tasks will be:

  • Liaising with all CONIFA members to ascertain the current status of women’s football.
  • Assisting in the creation of short, medium and long-term plans for development of women’s football by CONIFA member FAs.
  • Providing assistance to member FAs in overcoming barriers to development – these may include lack of equipment, lack of opportunity for competition, lack of coaching expertise etc.
  • Helping create a community of active women’s football teams within CONIFA and encouraging communication between their FAs with an eye to future competition and sharing experiences.
  • Searching for a suitable host FAs for competitions, starting with the Women’s World Football Cup.

When taking on this very challenging role, the Women’s Football Director will be able to recruit other volunteers and can expect the support of a dedicated team of CONIFA ExCo members.

Useful skills:

  • Knowledge of what CONIFA does and why and the obstacles its members may face.
  • Coaching qualifications or experience.
  • Strong organisational skills, event management.
  • Grant writing / fund-raising skills.

The position is voluntary (as with all CONIFA roles)

Please email a CV and a cover letter explaining why you would like to become the CONIFA Women’s Football Director to

Deadline for application has now passed.