Following an extraordinary meeting of the 2018 Paddy Power World Football Cup management committee, CONIFA wishes to announce that Ellan Vannin’s appeal against the progression of Barawa to the tournament quarter finals has been denied.

Following the conclusion of Group A on Sunday 3 June, Ellan Vannin – who placed third – lodged an appeal on the basis that a Barawa player, Mohamed Bettamer, was not in Barawa’s tournament squad and was therefore ineligible.

One hour before the Barawa’s first match of the tournament, on Thursday 31 May, team management were advised by a club that two selected players could not participate. On Friday 1 June, team management lodged a request with CONIFA to permit an additional player – Bettamer – to join the Barawa squad.

On the basis that a majority of participating teams had not complied with the squad registration deadline, and had been permitted to make changes following that deadline (but prior to Thursday 31 May), CONIFA granted Barawa’s request. That decision was not communicated to the other participating teams.

Pursuant to tournament rules, Ellan Vannin’s appeal was submitted for determination to the tournament management committee. The committee consists of nine members of the tournament organising committee, and one delegate from each of the 16 participating teams. Given that the matter directly concerned them, Barawa and Ellan Vannin were not permitted to vote.

On the morning of Monday 4 June, the tournament management committee met to determine Ellan Vannin’s appeal. The committee resolved to reject the appeal. Ellan Vannin subsequently sought to appeal the decision. The tournament management committee accepted their appeal.

On the evening of Monday 4 June, the tournament organising committee reconvened. 10 teams were represented in person. Three provided valid written proxies. Six tournament organising committee representatives were present. One provided a valid written proxy.

The committee firstly annulled the prior acceptance of the appeal on the basis that the decision was flawed by procedural irregularities, because CONIFA’s voting procedures had not been followed.

The committee then voted on whether Ellan Vannin’s appeal should be accepted, in which case Barawa would be relegated to third place and Ellan Vannin would proceed to the quarterfinal. By a vote of 13 to seven, the committee rejected Ellan Vannin’s appeal. Accordingly, Barawa will play in the tournament quarter finals on Tuesday.

The committee then voted on whether Bettamer should be permitted to continue playing in the remainder of the tournament. By a vote of nine to five, with five abstentions and one uncast vote, the committee determined that Bettamer is eligible for selection for the remainder of the tournament.

CONIFA is committed to transparency and openness, and hence have decided to outline the process followed as above. CONIFA wishes to reiterate that it is a volunteer-run charity.

The 2018 Paddy Power World Football Cup continues on Tuesday with match day 4 of the tournament. Four quarter finals and four placement matches will take place across the day. Tickets are available at or at the gate.