CONIFA European Football Cup Schedule

The European Football Cup 2015 will be played in less than 2 months in Hungary’s “second city” Debrecen!

Everyone within the CONIFA family and all of our teams are very much looking forward to meet each other in Debrecen and battle for the trophy of the European Champions outside FIFA.
In addition to the title CONIFA decided that the teams finishing top 3 will automatically qualify for the 2016 World Football Cup.

Now, as the tournament is coming closer quickly, we are all working a lot “behind the scenes” to get all the millions of little details sorted out and guarantee a perfect experience to all teams and visitors.

Besides that all the teams are doing intense preparations for the European Football Cup, which is the biggest international football tournament for teams outside FIFA. Plenty of friendly matches all across Europe will be played to find the best players for the tournament squads. We will update everyone here about all planned matches as soon as they are ready to be published.

Unfortunately 3 teams (Franconia, Monaco, Nagorno-Karabakh) cancelled their participation for the 2015 European Football Cup in Hungary for various reasons, which we will leave to them to publish. However, we adapted the tournament schedule and are now ready to publish it here.

The teams will now meet in three groups of 3, with the group winners and the overall best second-ranked team advancing to the semi-finals directly.

Saludos Desde Chile!

CONIFA South American Director Jens Jockel is on a visit to Chile right now to strengthen the links between CONIFA and the CSANF (Consejo Sudamericana de Nuevas Federaciones).

After a few days in Santiago de Chile Jens Jockel drove down all the way to Temuco, in the very South of Chile, to attend the 8-team tournament “Fecha del Nacional de Fútbol de Pueblos Originarios” (South American Championship of Indigenous People). With Mapuche, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Aymara three members of the CSANF participate in this tournament and battle for the trophy.

Our South America Director just arrive in time to see the last group stage day and attending a 3:0 win of Rapa Nui over Likan Atay and a 1:1 draw between Mapuche and Aymara.
Besides that he had the chance to meet the team managers and the leading staff of the CSANF to speak about a future cooperation.

During the next day Mr Jockel will attend a few more matches and liaise with the teams before he will meet the Chilean Sports Minister and the CSANF president (again) to do a common press conference.

Another pivotal point of the travel is the signing of a contract ensuring funds of the Chilean Sports Ministry to cover the travel costs of 2 teams to the CONIFA World Football Cup 2016.