Ellan Vannin


Ellan Vannin

The team Ellan Vannin, which is the name of the Isle of Man in Manx, is a representative team of Manx people.
Formed in 2013 the Manx Indepedent Football Association (MIFA) is giving people of Manx heritage the chance to play fully internationally football.

The vision of the MIFA is on the one hand to give Manx people living on and off the island the chance to represent their country and on the other hand to promote the Manx culture worldwide.

In 2014 the Ellan Vannin will have its first competative international matches playing our World Football Cup. We appreciate a lot to welcome this new team on the global stage and give them the chance to teach us all about one of the oldest cultures in Europe!


About the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a self-governing crown dependency, located in the Irish Sea between the Islands Great Britain and Ireland.
It is inhabited since at least 6500 BC and is one of the six Celtic nations.

The legislature of the Isle of Man, called "Tynwald", was put into place by Vikings more than 1,000 years ago and thus is the oldest continuous parliamentary body in the world.




 Manx, English



 Irish Sea



 85,000 people