The Nazionale di Calcio del Cilento (NCC) was established in 2009 and is led by Botti Ferdinando.

Until today the Cilento national team just played a couple of friendly matches.
One of those friendlies was a match against ConIFA member Occitania in 2011, which they lost 0:2.

All their players are playing for local, lower-league clubs. Nevertheless the close result against Occitania amongst others show their ability to shine when it comes to international football. In their last friendly against Gozo hey even just lost 0:1 in a very close match.

Cilento is looking forward a lot to keep playing and hopes to make it to a European Championship soon!


About Cilento

Cilento is an Italian geographic region in the Southern part of Italy and governed as a part of Campania. Nevertheless it never got the official status as a "province of Campania".

Cilento is well-known as a touristic region within whole Europe and is fully protected as a natural reserve area.






 Southern Italy



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